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About Us


Our Label Tells our Story. Designed and Manufactured in Canada keeping North America strong!

At Teckelklub we understand the importance of dogs in all aspects of our lives. Our name, our label and made in Canada products tell our story of continuous commitment to quality and durability. Established in 1998, we make sure everything we do honors our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products in the world, from the way we engage with our customers to the communities where we do business responsibly.

Manufacturing of all products is 100% Canadian and we are proud that our products are not mass produced. We will not change our commitment to social responsibility by manufacturing products offshore, using PVC fabrics or other environmentally unfriendly processes that are bad for humans and our pets, or sacrifice manufacturing quality for the sake of profit. Enjoy! Special thanks to our Vancouver best friends Cristal, Dior, Abbey, Shiloh, Maya, Stella, Cassie, Piper, Dobby, Leia, Merc, Pixie, Storm, Roo, Punky & Moshe and their owners!

Made in Canada high quality dog coats since 1998

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