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Happy July 4th - Summer has offically arrived!

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We’re celebrating being truly Canadian this weekend & you can join us too. We not only live in Vancouver Canada, but we also manufacture ALL our products in our hometown too. Being truly Canadian makes us proud to know we are providing the highest quality dog goods, supporting our local community, and best of all providing eco and sweatshop-free goods to every customer.

Use coupon code SUMMER to save. Making our products close to your home allows us to offer you great service; quality products; and customization. We deliver on social responsibility. Appreciation for North-American products means not going for disposable, low price point that needs replacing one year out, and opting for a product that might last a lifetime! You get what you pay for that is why the pendulum is swinging back. People taking pride in what they manufacture. Happy July 4th 2018! to all our customers.

We Make Our Own Products in Vancouver, Canada - Hometown Proud!

Teckelklub has always stayed true to our Canadian-made company philosophy. We’ve been determined since 1998 to have our manufacturing stay on North American soil. It’s no secret that making products in North America can be costly as wages & infrastructure costs are higher. Staying cost competitive means smart manufacturing without sacrificing quality.We’ve watched as our Canadian & American competitors move to [...]

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Make every day EarthDay! 365

One day is just not enough to make that difference. We can all take small steps to make change on humanity’s impact on our planet. Lessen our impact & yours to slow climate change by choosing enviro-concious dog goods made locally or made in North America. The positive impact adds up by providing support to your local community [...]

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​ It’s our Year of the Dog blog.

A happy wag to the start of the Lunar New Year - simply put Lunar New Year is the beginning of a year whose months are coordinated by the cycles of the moon. Across the world people are saying hello to the start of the Year of the Dog and Au revoir to the year of the Rooster. There [...]

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You’re Paw-fect for Me! happy heart February

Just like us, dogs need exercise and a great diet to keep their heart healthy. "As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. Your dog relies on you to provide proper nutrition and help them maintain an ideal body weight. Obesity is the enemy of a healthy heart, so talk with your veterinarian [...]

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Great Bones - Good Reasons to Shop Small in Vancouver

Teckelklub has always supported small business owners - we share the same philosophy about giving back to the community and being unique from the mass market. We met the Founder of Bones Pet Store https://www.bonesps.com even before they had opened because they sought out local goods. "Iggy and Enzo had been wearing Teckelklub for long before [...]

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Good Ways to Beat January Blues!

Welcome 2018! When it comes to living life – dogs get it right. January is full of dark, cold, & sometimes dreary days no matter where you live. Celebrate the sunshine when you can by greeting each day with the same zest that most dogs show when you get their leash out. Take care of yourself & the ones [...]

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Wow time flies - 2018 in our sights now! Happy Holidays.

It's always a time of reflection when December arrives. Looking back over the past year of 2017 we realize how grateful we are at Teckelklub to always hear from our loyal customers, their compliments and suggestions are always welcome. As a small business with a mission to stay local and made in Canada we always [...]

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Dare to compare challenge! Social responsibility.

At Teckelklub we believe all businesses should care about the quality of working conditions, sweatshops, and child labor. It is very important to read between labels. Several of our competitors claim to have found a balance with manufacturing for sustainability and with environmentally friendly (eco) materials. The challenge is that their products are made in China. North America is putting [...]

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It's THANKS to you!

This is our opportunity to thank our loyal customers around the globe for supporting small business and making our collective future cleaner & brighter. The benefits of buying made in North America are deeper than simply putting money back into the local economy. It's great for the environment by cutting overseas and local emissions needed [...]

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