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Happy July 4th - Summer has offically arrived!

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We’re celebrating being truly Canadian this weekend & you can join us too. We not only live in Vancouver Canada, but we also manufacture ALL our products in our hometown too. Being truly Canadian makes us proud to know we are providing the highest quality dog goods, supporting our local community, and best of all providing eco and sweatshop-free goods to every customer.

Use coupon code SUMMER to save. Making our products close to your home allows us to offer you great service; quality products; and customization. We deliver on social responsibility. Appreciation for North-American products means not going for disposable, low price point that needs replacing one year out, and opting for a product that might last a lifetime! You get what you pay for that is why the pendulum is swinging back. People taking pride in what they manufacture. Happy July 4th 2018! to all our customers.

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