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Octoberfest is Dog Wellnessfest

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The month of October ushers in autumn. It is a chance to celebrate all things Octoberfest and all things dog wellness. During National Pet Wellness month we are all reminded to make healthy lifestyle choices for ourselves and our best friends. Making good nutrition, exercise, dental, and all-around lifestyle decisions can help your dog live life to their fullest and thrive.

Nutrition plays a huge role in getting natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All these help keep a dog fit and healthy and help prevent many diseases. Just like humans, "dogs are what they eat" so make sure they get plenty of quality when it comes to their everyday nutrition.

Great dental care can extend your dog's life too. Keeping dog's teeth tartar-free and their breath fresh means bacteria from the mouth is not entering the dog's bloodstream which can lead to other health issues associated with the heart, kidneys, lungs or other essential organs. 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of three develop periodontal disease according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. You dog's overall health and wellness depends on good oral health as the foundation. Purina research states that the right amount of antioxidants can increase the longevity of a dog's life. Eliminate plaque bacteria before it accumulates on the teeth causing periodontal disease and gingivitis which can affect 85% of dogs by the age of 1.5 years. [source: National Center for Biotechnology Information 25511384]

Organic Kelp
is a powerful antioxidant packed with nutrients including Vitamin A and E, calcium and iron, to support a strong and healthy immune system. Kelp has bioactive qualities to help reduce tartar and dental plaque in dogs. One Perfect SprayK9|vigor® https://www.teckelklub.com/one-perfect-spray-k9-v... is a breakthrough blend of organic Antioxidants that makes Preventative dog dental care health and wellness easy. Clean teeth. Fresh breath. Good health. Check out all the great ingredients in this simple to use best selling dental care product!

Organic Purity + Chemical-free Dog Wellness Products

Take one simple step forward in earth-friendly, chemical-free shampooing & conditioning in one for your dog. Our non-irritating au naturel formula is safe, gentle, and effective for daily use. The shampoo bar does away with traditional packaging to just bundle simple goodness in a creamy wash that gently cleanses and nourishes while leaving your dog's [...]

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Spring Rain, Rain go Away! Waterproof your dog!

Springtime is the right time to add a light, waterproof layer for your dog. Choosing the right jacket can be a challenge with all the options - during heavy rains 100% waterproof, breathable fabrics work better than water repellant treatments that do not last with wear and washing. Also, fabrics like PVC do not breathe, have a negative impact [...]

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Our Changing World! small steps for the environment.

At Teckelklub we’ve always believed in making quality products in North America. While the majority of our competitors manufacture overseas and sell mass market, we know quality beats quantity. We still see our original Trench jackets from 1998 walking the trails of Vancouver and that makes us proud! Built to last. When you invest in quality, locally-made products, rather [...]

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Give the World some Heart

Here's to the month of happiness + heart. February is still a winter wonderland across many parts of the country - we see glimpses of croci and cherry blossoms already in the lotus land of our hometown Vancouver. No matter where you are take a moment to lend an extra hand, share some happiness, and [...]

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Good Ways to Beat January Blues!

When it comes to living life – dogs get it right. January is full of dark, cold, & sometimes dreary days no matter where you live. Celebrate the sunshine when you can by greeting each day with the same zest that most dogs show when you get their leash out. Take care of yourself & the ones you love [...]

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The Love of Local - Holiday Wishes!

Our lives are consumed by consumerism. Our social media information hangs on the hashtags of the day.This holiday season we are following our long tradition of being eco-conscious about our planet. We encourage all our friends to support local, small businesses in their communities. Loving locally made goods, or supporting local consumable companies, like chocolate [...]

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Thank You to our American Friends

American Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Another year, another great time to say thank you to all our American friends who have been loyal Teckelklub customers over the years. This year marks our 20th year of manufacturing North American made Goodness! We are saying Thank you by giving you a discount on all our [...]

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The Season of Gratitude - Giving Thanks

In Canada, Thanksgiving always signals a time to get together with family and friends. This weekend we sincerely hope that all our friends across Canada share some gratitude, receive some gratitude, and pass it on through each other. In this season of gratitude we are very thankful to live in Canada, to support our local [...]

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Happy July 4th - Summer has offically arrived!

We’re celebrating being truly Canadian this weekend & you can join us too. We not only live in Vancouver Canada, but we also manufacture ALL our products in our hometown too. Being truly Canadian makes us proud to know we are providing the highest quality dog goods, supporting our local community, and best of all [...]

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