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We Make Our Own Products in Vancouver, Canada - Hometown Proud!

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Teckelklub has always stayed true to our Canadian-made company philosophy. We’ve been determined since 1998 to have our manufacturing stay on North American soil. It’s no secret that making products in North America can be costly as wages & infrastructure costs are higher. Staying cost competitive means smart manufacturing without sacrificing quality.

We’ve watched as our Canadian & American competitors move to manufacture offshore. They profit as wages are significantly lower offshore; factories remain unregulated; and social responsibility takes a back seat. The products become mass-market, and are produced with fabrics and quality standards that make them disposable, rather than long-lasting.

Keeping the garment professionals in North America – sewers, cutters, and pattern makers is equally important for sustainability and jobs. As designers of the highest-quality products we connect with our customers through a common ground: Ethical + Environmental Responsibility + Passion
Proud to be part of a growing trend towards Made in North America!

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